Resistance Elastic Bands

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Do you want a fitness body at home?

Closed gyms ... Train safely from home! A faster result than ever!
Ideal for losing weight, building muscles and being fit!

Our Resistance Elastic Bands is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced. This versatile set ensures a fit body easily. Workouts for each muscle group, from legs, glutes, and arms to the back, chest, and shoulders.

Note: We have a high demand for our Resistance Elastic Bands ™ due to the virus and closed gyms, we are almost sold out ... Order quickly before it runs out!


From now on you can train anywhere, anytime. You won't be tied to a place anymore. Exercise at home, at the gym, or at work. The complete set fits in the included carrying case, so you can carry your Resistance Elastic Bands ™ wherever you go easily



- Product thickness: 0.35mm-1.1mm

- Multiple Options: The bands are of different colors and resistance levels, you can choose different colors according to the exercises to be performed.

- Safe and Durable Material: The elastic bands are made of high quality natural latex. Soft, they will not break and will retain their strength and elasticity over time.

- Excellent Portability: They can be stored in your Storage Bag and taken anywhere. For example at home, at the gym, on a trip and much more.

- Multi-purpose: The bands are ideal for any type of training, be it fitness, yoga, CrossFit, calisthenics, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, pilates and more.